What is a Boudoir session?

"Boudoir" is a French word that roughly translates to a woman's bedroom, or private sitting room. A boudoir photoshoot generally consists of a woman posing in lingerie (or sometimes, if they choose, tastefully nude.) You can also get creative with other, more casual pieces of clothing -- your (or your husband's) favorite sports team's jersey, or one of his button-down shirt and ties - the possibilities are endless! It's your attitude while wearing them that makes clothes sexy!

Who should book a Boudoir session?

If you ask me, EVERY WOMAN should book a boudoir shoot! These photoshoots may seem intimidating to some women. Often times I hear women say, "I don't have the body for that kind of photoshoot!" But please remember, BEAUTY COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES! TRUST ME -- You DO NOT have to look like a Victoria's Secret swimsuit model to totally ROCK your boudoir session!!! Every single woman I've ever shot a boudoir session for came away feeling extremely confident and had a new or renewed sense of their own beauty! (Yes, we all know beauty is more than just skin deep, however, let's be real -- it's always nice to see a photo of yourself when you're looking especially gorgeous and glammed up!) Sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at yourself from another person's point of view, instead of the hyper-critical way we tend to see ourselves. After they see their photos, women always say to me, "Wow, you made me look amazing!" The truth is, I didn't do anything except photograph you -- the "looking amazing" thing? That's all you, my lovelies! Confidence is SEXY, and I think I speak for a lot of women when I say when we get "glammed up" in full hair and makeup, and are rocking a killer outfit, we are at our most confident!

Boudoir photos also make a great gift to give to your significant other! Think about it for a minute....There you are, looking like a vivacious underwear model, all decked out in your favorite bra or teddy, and your confidence and sex-appeal will be shining-through in the photos. When you give these photos to your significant other, they will be thinking "WOW, how did I get so lucky that this incredible woman is ALL MINE!?"

If you're engaged, boudoir photos make a great wedding gift to give to your soon-to-be spouse! More than that, though, they are a gift to yourself! I believe that every woman (and I'm talking to YOU, yes YOU!) should take some time and do something bold to celebrate themselves! You are unique and beautiful, and you owe it to yourself to re-discover that! These photoshoots are so empowering!

There are plenty women who are single that want boudoir photos taken just for themselves, too! Why you want them taken, what you wear during them, or who you give the photos to (or not give them to) is different for everyone, and there's truly no right or wrong way to experience a boudoir session!

No matter why you decide to do it, I am confident you'll have an incredible experience and be SO GLAD you have professional, gorgeous photos of yourself!